Psychiatrist for Adults, Children and Families
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Whether you or your child are suffering from psychiatric illness like anxiety, depression, ADHD, etc., or feel stuck in life because of difficulties in your career or relationship, there are multiple approaches that can help. I believe in taking a flexible, collaborative approach in designing the treatment that works best for you.

My psychotherapeutic treatment approach is primarily developmental and psychodynamic, because I find that all of us learn patterns of dealing with stress that influence how we make decisions and engage with others. Understanding these patterns often allows us to become more flexible and effective in overcoming obstacles, breaking unhealthy patterns of behavior, and realizing our full potential.

My psychopharmacological treatment approach is to assess medication effectiveness each session and work towards minimizing medication and side effects while maximizing benefits.  A major advantage for working with a psychiatrist trained in therapy is that I will get to know you well, and be able to make informed decisions about whether and when to add, change or stop medication.